Great people

My friends and family are the ones who always have an open ear for my ideas and who give me their full support. The winemakers are the ones working season after season to make it possible that I can offer such fantastic wines. Finally, my clients are the ones willing to share my passion, to try new ways and to develop new projects with me. Nothing would be possible without all of you.


It’s time to say thank you –
time for the wino project

This project is a very personal matter to me. It has two main components: The label is dedicated to one of my dearest persons and the content comes from one of my dearest winemakers.


Look forward to a very personal affair
for winogrono.

It was thanks to a wonderful coincidence that I met Ruth Biniwersi (and seven other crazy people) at a wedding reception. I was immediately taken by Ruth’s vibes, her affinity for drinking wine and her generous nature. When I saw her first creative pieces, it was clear: Ruth had to design our labels. Dear Ruth: It makes us proud and happy to know that you have accepted the job. Your contribution perfectly rounds off the project.